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Sunday, 26 May, 2013
How to eat a hot chick out (youtube.com, Sydney & NSW) `<iframe width="853" height="480"
 3* Funny
Pornstars + Cocaine = WIN (Efukt.com, Sydney & NSW) [There's something truly captivating about the tap dancing, bug eyed bitch at the 20 second mark.
Her facial expression just screams "butt rape me till I p...
 http://efukt.com/20698_Pornstars_+_Cocaine_=_WIN.html Funny
1 Girl, 1 Cigarette (Efukt.com, Sydney & NSW) [Ever cram an entire packet of strawberry flavored Big League Chew in your mouth and blow an epic
bubble? Me neither, only a fucking moron would go through $2.4...
 http://efukt.com/21016_1_Girl,_1_Cigarette.html Putrid
1 Guy 1 Cup (Efukt.com, Sydney & NSW) [Here it is. The man, the cup, the legend. Over 6 million views and I'm proud to say this gent is
actually a member of our very own efukt forum. God bless.][1] ...
 http://efukt.com/2339_1_Guy_1_Cup.html blood and guts
Hot teen blonde chick fucks equally hot bf (Xtube.com, Sydney & NSW) [Hot teen blonde chick fucks equally hot bf - XTube Porn Video -
bistudder http://www.xtube.com/watch.php?v=Sygi0-S375-][1] [1]: http://www.xtube.com/wa...
 http://www.xtube.com/watch.php?v=Sygi0-S375- Sexy